I’m on your team!

I’m on your team.

Come be on our team….. Come be on our team and give yourself the chance and opportunity to create a world that you really want to live in.

Create your world AWESOME…..

From me to you 2

So January has been and gone. How did it go for you? Did you achieve what you set out to…? Did you achieve some of your goals and are still working on the rest? Did you plan what you were going to do, but then never got into gear and actually got going…? Whatever your story and where ever you are at – know this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON YOUR JOURNEY OF BEING WELL AND HEALTHY!

Whatever stage you are at – I am on your team. I know what it’s like to set big hairy scary goals…. To really want change in your life and to sometimes SMASH those goals and to sometimes not quite hit the mark – and to sometimes not even get off the ground.

From experience as working as a health coach, many people see the first month of the calendar year as the Holy Grail to making changes. There tends to be pressure from all quarters to quit the booze, get out for a run, change your nutrition, lose weight, join a gym, be perfect……. And of course with it being the first month of the year it’s going to happen, go without a hitch and continue in the same vain for the rest of the year…. 

If you have done what you set out to do in January then CONGRATULATIONS! I applaud you. You have bucked the trend and you are AWESOME!

However, if you haven’t got done what you wanted to achieve this January then don’t lose heart. Know this… YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Making changes is challenging… It can be complex. BUT, with the right strategy, the right support, the right logic and a big dose of reality, whatever you want to achieve in 2013 is do-able. If you didn’t quite make it this time around, if you didn’t achieve what you wanted to – be KIND to yourself and APPLAUD yourself for trying – and remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I AM HERE WITH YOU!

From experience of supporting and helping people to make their changes, there is one thing I do know for sure; and that is having the right team around you to simplify the complex – To show you the way when stuck in the dark tunnel of thinking nothing is ever going to change, helping you to see what you actually have achieved, switching your focus to the possible, helping you to create a plan – a strategy that works for you.

A strategy that you can buy into on an emotional level, supporting you along the way, with the ups and the downs (and there will be ups & downs!).

So ask yourself this…. WHO is currently on your team to help you make these changes? Whose team are you on helping them make changes? What’s working for you? Be really honest with yourself and then in the words of this weeks internet sensation, Kid President: ‘Come be on our team….. Come be on our team and give yourself the chance and opportunity to create a world that you really want to live in. Create your world AWESOME…..’

If you’ve not got out of January 2013 what you wanted to then book yourself in for a FREE break through session and let’s see what we can do about making your world AWESOME. I don’t own a magic wand; I don’t tell you what to do, I don’t say go on a diet…  I will support you to make changes that right now, you might not believe is possible. I’m already on your team, come join me and be on my team…..

If you need another quick kick up the ass to come be on my team, then check out this video by SoulPancake. We all need a little Pep Talk every now and again. ME INCLUDED! And Kid President will do just THAT!


So, what are you waiting for….? It’s time to do something….. This is your time… Do something, book yourself in for a FREE breakthrough session by going here. You have NOTHING TO LOSE. I’m already on your team… After your break through session, you just might wanna be on mine and get your AWESOME.


I can’t wait to hear from ya…


With love and leafy greens, Jo xoxo


P.s If you know somebody that could do with a little guiding hand to get their awesome… Then pay this forward and be on their team.


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