Mind Gremlins BE GONE!

Step by step guide to rid yourself of the negative mind gremlins that hold you back in life…..

Green GargoyleI’m pretty sure many people would agree that spring has been slow to  arrive here in the UK! I think many people are yearning for some decent prolonged sunny days.

We all need sunny days on our life. But it’s also important to   feel ‘sunny’ inside too…..

Feeling ‘sunny’ inside can be challenging some days, I know that to be true myself. Believe me, I have my moments. Granted, my life these days are   more filled with Sunshine than ever before. But, the secret to my inside sunshine is working on those NASTY MIND GREMLINS!

Sometimes, some people have have a tendency to bottle things up, all the while putting on a performance to the outer world that they are ‘fine’, they can ‘cope’, that they are ‘doing great’ but inside, they are in the midst of a torrential thunder storm and a spiral of negative self-talk and the mind gremlins are running amok.

With the negative sabotaging self-talk usual comes matching actions such as eating the wrong foods or switching off to the rest of the world and hibernating away. Which then spirals in to more negative self-talk and the internal thunderstorm gets worse and the spiral downwards to doom goes on.

These nasty negative gremlins that seem to live in our minds are just crooked thoughts… In other words, when we are just not thinking straight the mind gremlins have a much louder voice over the logic rational voice that talks sense!

This week I want you to think & be pro-active to catching those mind gremlins and put them in their place….. Far, far away from you! Now to get ahead of the ‘shouty’ mind gremlins you have to be prepared to put in the hard yards, show up and do the work in order to keep them strapped down and out of your way so you can THEN hear your logic rational voice aloud and clear!

 Top tips to banish the mind Gremlin’s and balance your thinking…

  • Give yourself a pep talk and dismiss all your old excuses. On a sheet of paper write all the crooked negative thoughts that are plaguing your mind. Then write down countering positive thoughts, affirmations and realistic suggestions on the other side. Tell yourself what you are good at!
  • Don’t overreact or assume the worst! Sidestep the catastrophic doomsday talk. Rarely the catastrophe that you are worrying about happening happens. Take a few steps back. Break down your thoughts on paper, try and find the seed that started   it all.
  • Set attainable and clear goals. If you are sabotaging yourself and thinking you can’t do something you really want to do then set some meaningful goals. It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. Using my goals setting task sheet gives you a clear picture of where you going and how you are going to get there; break down your goals into small steps, so that your path is clear and easily accomplished.
  • Take a stand against the mind gremlins! Literally tell those negative thoughts where to go, acknowledge them, THEN tell them to ‘DO ONE!’ Please feel free to add any other expletives into that ‘DO ONE’ when dismissing the gremlins! I know I do.

It’s really important that we don’t just ignore the nasty mind gremlins… as they have a habit of coming back… Which you probably know already!

When we ignore them, we tend to use something else to push them down with. And from the vast experience of working with clients, that thing used is usually behaviour that doesn’t serve them. So, it’s really important that we find consistent solution to dealing with these nasty mind critters!

One final tip is talk to somebody! Your nearest and dearest, somebody you trust. Somebody you know will help you see the logic and support you. AND you know you always have me to reach out to!

Reaching out and talking to your partner, your soul mate or your best friend, telling them how you really feeling; especially when you are doing it   mentally tough, can be just the ticket to turning the corner on to sunny street.

So if you have sunshine wherever you are this week, get out there and   ENJOY it and also do some work on yourself to let the sunshine bright inside.

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