Let EATING Be Thy Medicine…. Getting HAPPY, Eating REAL Whole Foods & Healing Your Metabolism

What…? EATING to lose weight…? Let EATING be thy medicine…. Getting HAPPY, eating REAL whole foods & HEALING your metabolism

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It’s been a while since I put my fingers to the keyboard, but Septembers’ here, the start of the other New Year (that’s how I see it anyway) and time for many peeps to get back to business after the summer break.

I’ve been taking some time to think about a recent Huffington Post, a letter from a weight consultant, an apology to all her past clients; how she now felt about the work she had done in the past. About supporting her clients eating less than their metabolic rate; yes they were losing the weight initially. However there was a flip side to this process, a flip side that has a detrimental effect on 95% of people who go down this path.

The process of eating less than your metabolic rate, then maybe throwing in lots of cardio calorie burning exercise can actually damage your metabolism, making future weight management challenging for the vast majority of people who have eaten & exercised this way. I have done it myself, it’s addictive.

In my past life as a counsellor working with people consuming much less than 1200 calories, when I actually dared to tell the truth to those clients, explaining to a group the work it was going to take to get themselves & their metabolism back to health to support them to be well rather than FIGHT for all their might to keep their weight off. I received what can only be described as a nasty email that didn’t like me telling people the truth as it was much better to let them continue to be ‘stuck’ living a life eating very few calories, gaining weight the moment they stepped away from the regime, even if it was only eating actually very few calories more.

If you’ve lived your life struggling to manage your weight by calorie restriction and keep experiencing the re-bound effect, on a personal and professional note, the most positive and productive way to break free from this cycle is to heal your metabolism.

Healing the metabolism takes work; being consistent with the food energy you put into your body, eating real whole food; working with the mind-set to never be afraid of food again, decide to really work slow and steady at making lifestyle changes, doing weight baring exercising that can and will support you to heal your metabolism.

Healing yourself and your life takes work and commitment. There is no getting away from it. No quick fix, no easy path. Doing the hard yards so as to never feel again like you’ve permanently got to lose that last stone. Never feeling like life would be better, happier if you lost that last 10lbs. Never feeling like there is no “good” food or “bad” food… Just food that makes you feel good; the foods that make you feel full of energy, the food that feeds your soul, and you get to live your best life…

Eating the right food for you is going to look very different for each and every one of you. Healing your metabolism is going to be a different journey for each and every one of you that decide to embark on this journey.

When I encourage clients to ‘Eating Food’ rather than tell them what they “shouldn’t” or “can’t” eat usually messes with the head a little. Whom I kidding, it messes with their head A LOT. Some people have spent a life time being told what NOT to eat…

Then these funny “woo-woo” certified health coaches come along and flip that thesis on its head and encourage people to EAT FOOD. EAT REAL WHOLE FOOD to heal the metabolism, lose and manage their weight, accept themselves, work through the old unhelpful beliefs that have been built up from a life time of living and GET THEIR HAPPY!

A person getting their happy is usually the starting point to getting their healthy. Whatever their “healthy” looks like for them. Peeling away the layers, peeling away the barriers, the old thoughts, the mind gremlins and then getting to live your best life…. EATING REAL WHOLE FOODS, EATING FOOD GUILT FREE.

You can get your happy and lose & manage your weight.

  • If you are ready to quit the yo-yo weight loss & gain cycle
  • If you are ready to eat real whole food
  • If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and do some hard work
  • If you are ready to GET YOUR HAPPY then register for my FREE webinar to find out more

Big love & leafy greens, Jo xox

P.s I’ve missed putting my fingers to the key board… Here’s to more finger tapping in the future!


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