What no longer serves you….? When its time to let go.

What no longer serves you….? When its time to let go.

Let it goThe change in seasons has prompted me to take some time to think about what I want to let go of in my life that’s no longer serving me.

You know the kind of things, working the weekend when I really should be resting or socialising; thinking I need to do more exercise when actually what I’m doing right now for my re-hab is just fine; letting go of the coffee drinking… (SHOCK HORROR, Health Coach drinks coffee!); moving on from toxic relationships that drain rather than energise…..

We hold on to things for various reasons. The reasons will be completely different for each and every one of you. Making a decision to walk away from something can be the most horrific thought. But, if that thing you’re holding on to no longer serves you, it can be the very thing that’s keeping you from living your best life.

When that defining moment comes along, that gets you to truly look at what no longer serves, getting up the courage, seeing the sanity, all the reasons to walk away, can be the MOST EXHILERATING, REWARDING, LIFE AFFIRMING and TERRIFYING time.

Don’t wait for it to feel like the “right” time to let go. If something isn’t serving you now, then NOW is the right time.

Dig deep and call upon your deepest self, wisest bravest self; be honest with you and write down all the things that no longer serve you. Just taking that first step will help you heal, be more objective about what needs to change. Ask yourself are you getting what you need from a person or situation, do they have more to offer and will it be enough if they do?

Making a stand, a choice out of letting go of something that doesn’t serve you clears space for other things to come in to your life. It creates energy you can give to focus on crowding in things that serve you. It clears space for new experiences, new thoughts, it clears space giving you energy to pursue what your heart desires.

Letting go of what no longer serves you just frees you up and will probably rid you of that emotional HEAVY weight you’ve been carrying on your shoulders.

Don’t beat yourself up for not letting go earlier and don’t allow that to be a reason to not let go. Accepting maybe you could have done some letting go sooner will serve you. Letting go leads to breakthroughs and big shifts where you get to live your best life.

So, the question I want to put to you, what no longer serves you in your life and are you ready to let go? Be prepared to go deep to get the shift in life you deserve.

You deserve to be HAPPY.

The more letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve you, the more space you create for greatness to come into your life.

Be brave and be the master of your own greatness and best life.


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