Your LBD for life not just for Christmas……

Have you ever set a goal to wear your favourite little black dress (LBD) based around an event? Hit the goal, wore the dress, felt AMAZING then slid back to old habits… And put the dress at the back of the wardrobe again? If this is you then check out these top 5 tips of setting a strategy to be wearing your LBD for life and not just for Christmas.

Little Black Dress - LBD

Christmas is coming over the horizon at the speed of light (or that’s how it feels at my home) and I’ve seen lots of posts about getting in your LBD for Christmas, dropping a dress size, dropping body fat all in the name of the festive season.

Getting healthy, exercising, creating a new lifestyle for you is BRILLIANT and I support anybody make these changes with all my heart.

HOWEVER, just a note of caution, when you focus your efforts at an event, once that event has passed there is a risk of sliding back to old habits. Along with sliding your LBD to the back of the wardobe, again. WHY? Because, all the changes that you were making, were geared around getting to that event, that’s what you told your body and your brain. And when the event passes, the chances are the focus disappears too.

Hands up, who’s fallen into this trap? How many times have you lost weight for your ‘holidays’, achieved your goal then once the holiday is over, let slide the very actions that got you to achieve your goal.

So, anybody who is on the LBD campaign for Christmas, I’m gonna throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to think about wearing your LBD for Christmas and BEYOND with some goal setting and lifelong strategy.

Top 5 tips for creating LBD goals & strategy that last a lifetime:

  1. Yep, you want to get into your favourite LBD for Christmas, set this as your short term goal. Now set a long term goal that takes you past that event. Think about how you are going to manage your weight in the long term, what’s worked for you in achieving your short term goal/s, what have you enjoyed doing?
  2. Decide how you want to actually FEEL. I am a HUGE fan of Danielle LaPorte (Author of the Fire Starter & Desire Map – More on that later). Her philosophy on goal setting (and now mine too) is firstly deciding how you want to FEEL… Do you want to feel stunning, energetic, confident, peaceful. You decide how you want to feel, write about 5 feelings down, then check back in with your goals above. Do those goals hit how you want to FEEL? YOU are chasing the feeling that the goals will give you. So, if you think you need to train 5 times a week to hit your goal and you think uuurrrgggghhhhh, then get a new goal that will give you the same outcome and also makes you feel how you wanna feel. Chances are you will follow through on your actions AND you will follow through long after the event has passed.
  3. Write down your goals and desired feelings on an index card, and READ THEM, three times a day, every day, for the rest of your life. Schedule reminders in your phone and stick to reading them. You will be amazed at the difference these reminders make. Think of it as getting a hit of the feel good factor morning, noon and evening time.
  4. Once you get past the Christmas festivities, check back in with your goals & cored desired feelings and re-write if your soul desires. It’s all about adjusting the sails to keep going in the direction of living your best life.
  5. And finally, let go off perfectionism. It doesn’t exist. Striving to be perfect will kick you on your ass, slow you down or maybe kick you off course all together. If you take a diversion from the plan, let it go. It was just that, a diversion, no biggy; check back in with how you wanna feel, what your goals, set some new goals or core desired feelings and set back on your track of living your best life.

Have a wonderful week, have fun and set your path to your best life.

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