Chop the Poppy Choppers before they chop your JOY

3 tips to rid you of those people who just wanna cut you down

Tall poppyDon’t let the Poppy Choppers get you down… 

One day, you wake up and you realise your life is going well. Maybe your business is blooming, your career is sky rocketing, you are looking good and feeling great. You’ve worked hard to get to this place, everybody knows how hard you’ve worked at it. Maybe you’ve made some tough choices to achieve all you’ve achieved, maybe you’ve let some things go in your life to clear some space for the good stuff. It’s taken total dedication and commitment to achieve your success.

And then, somebody makes a really snide remark about your achievements. You know the under hand manipulative type of remarks they know will cut you deep. Maybe they try to plant a negative seed of doubt in your mind, maybe try to tarnish your work. They may try and take you back to a dark time in your life to kill the joy. Or, they dress up their comments as being helpful advice, trying to help you grow. And of course, it’s bullsh*t!

Tall Poppy syndrome, where people just wanna cut you down to size as they are not comfortable with your success, they resent you, criticise you, project negative energy around you, try to make your life just plain miserable; all because they are uneasy with all you have achieved, and that you will probably go on to achieve even more.

I call these type of people Poppy Choppers! Chances are you’ve all come across the odd Poppy Chopper in your life.It can be a life long passtime for some people, they just can not STAND to see others doing well, or just as long as you don’t appear to be doing as well as them.

It’s time to take action against the attempted achievement and dream stealers.

Here are 3 Tips To Blow Off A Poppy Chopper and clear some good white space in your life to fill with MORE AWESOME.

  1. Rinse them from your life! If you feel uncomfortable with what somebody is saying to you, if they or the pack (beware, Poppy Choppers can hunt in packs too), doesn’t fit with your feel good, go get em attitude, then let these people go from your life. Limit any amount of time you have to spend with them. It’s your right to decide who you share your time with. Poppy Choppers are energy vampires, don’t let them get in your way of your best life.
  2. Find your Tribe of fellow cheer leaders. Be mindful who you share your success with. Find your tribe of fellow thrivers, movers and shakers. Not everybody deserves to hear your story and enjoy your joy. Search out the people who are stepping up to be your chief cheerleaders and you can also return the favour. Search out people who are maybe completely different to you, maybe they work in a completely different environment. It’s good to look to other characters, personalities that you may not have looked to before. Quite often, you will find a tribe of goodness, a diverse group that will make your poppy grow TALLER.
  3. It’s not you, it’s them. Know this, their attack on you is not about you, its actually about them. Envy can be a cruel thing to feel. It’s about their “not enough” syndrome, their lack of belief in themselves, their lack of self worth, that they are trying to reflect on to you, to take you down, cut you to a size that feel more comfortable to them.

On a final note, don’t think that joining them will beat them. It won’t. It will just leave you feeling crappy about that too. 

Keep working on your greatness, kick ass, then kick some more and be even more awesome. Greatness usually silences The Poppy Choppers! Go forward and be just be AWESOME.

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