Being a total bitch to yourself around what food you shouldn’t eat has to go.

Life is To Short to Not Eat Dessert!

Eat Dessert

I had dinner at the weekend with a beautiful friend. We ate at an amazing vegetarian restaurant which served delicious, awesome food. (It was so exciting and the company so good, we totes forgot to take photo’s too – DOH)

As we perused the menu, the question come up “Are you having starters?”, my response – “Nah, I’ll probably have dessert instead….”

I saw my beautiful friend physically relax with my response. I was clear, concise. I get that I need to have boundaries around my nutrition.

But you know what, those boundaries bring me great freedom. I get to choose what I eat, when I eat it, guilt free and with total confidence.

I go to dinner and very openly and honestly say that I will probably eat dessert.

For many people I work with, in the beginning choosing a dessert can feel like you are behaving naughty, like you are behaving bad, that you are breaking the rules. Then you eat the desert anyway, because you feel bad and you want to feel better, and maybe a starter too and everything in-between.

Then you go home and maybe feel bad cause you broke the rules, and eat more stuff that doesn’t support you to feel awesome sauce. Then maybe you decide that you’ve broke all the “rules” so you may as well carry on having exactly what you ‘think’ you want.

Listen up, this food shaming has to go.

Being a total bitch to yourself around what food you shouldn’t eat has to go.

My guess is that talking to yourself that way in the first place hasn’t really worked out for ya.

If you’re going out to dinner, eat what the heck you want. Seriously, your life will be a little easier for doing so.

Decide to do that before you go. Maybe even look up the menu prior to going, deciding what you are going to choose before you even get there.

Eat in a way that gives you vibrancy for life. That supports you to have fun. That makes you want to be out in the world load and proud (and not hide away).

A little dessert never hurt anyone. Do it for a place of guidance, joy and pleasure.

And dam well enjoy it.

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