Be Grateful in April

Be Grateful in April.

There is a lot to be said for being grateful. Science says that an attitude of gratitude is good for your health and wellbeing. When you find something to be grateful for, this makes us happier, more optimistic.

It can be the smallest or largest of things. Finding your gratefuls takes zero money and not a lot of time.

But delivers big rewards – hands up for buckets more happiness in our lives.

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To live a happier life.
To live a happier life.

When we find something to be grateful for we have an opportunity to improve our relationships. How do you feel when somebody tells you how much they appreciate you? It feels good right. It effects the relationship you have with that person. Especially if you’ve experienced conflict with them in the past. Find gratitude in how others contribute to your life and let them know how good that makes you feel – pay it forward.

The simple act of being grateful, of crowding in the good stuff, the gratitudes, helps edge out the negative stuff in our life. The simple act of practicing changing the narrative in our lives switches up our happiness levels.

Now I am gonna get a little ‘law of attraction’ on you. This law simple states that what we focus on, we get more of. When you take time to notice and be grateful for what’s going on in your life, you will simply get more of the good stuff in your life.

When something rubbish happens to us, it’s not always easy to see that their could be a positive outcome. But when you’re in the habit of practicing and counting your gratitudes, you have the chance to open your mind and ask the question “Why did this happen for me and not to me?” You will come up with an answer that will then help you to move forward in a more constructive way and something to be more grateful for. Your gratitude will help you be more solution focused in life.

It’s super simple to do :-

  1. Get a journal, piece of paper, and pen. Anything that you actually write down your gratitudes on.
  2. Every day write down everything you are grateful for. It can be anything; somebody holding a door open for you, your invoices got paid on time, your gas bill was under budget, your lunch was delicious, your friends helped you with your kids. It can be big or small. There are no wrong or right answers.
  3. If it feels a little overwhelming then decide to write a minimum of three things down daily and work from there to include as much as possible.
  4. Look at your list and really own the goodness, the feeling of pleasure and happiness from those things you have written down.
  5. And finally, take the time to tell one single person everyday why you are grateful for them. A simple text, email or phone call – pay it forward.

What’s not to love about focusing on your gratitudes.

Mastering the art of being grateful will bring more happiness into your daily life. It’s a choice. A choice to change the narrative of how you see and capture your daily life. When we focus on the good stuff, we get more good stuff.

Lets be grateful in April, the chance to master getting more happy for the rest of our lives.

If you would like to join our Greatness Grateful in April crew then book your self a FREE spot HERE.

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  1. Writing a gratitude log daily has been a powerful tool for me. It’s important to read back through it and really FEEL the gratitude though. Looking forward to this challenge!

    • Wonderful to have you on board Mariam. This is a super simple powerful tool for Greatness. See you in the group.

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