It’s about choosing health and happiness first

Here’s the thing, my Dive into Greatness programme doesn’t just focus on weight loss.

Happy & Healthy Now

My vast experience of working with people who’s main focus is weight loss has shown me that often they come at it from a place darkness. From hating their body, hating how they look, how they feel. Thinking things are never gonna change. Yo-yoing for the Universe. Sticking with a programme for a week or two or six then getting stuck and falling back into old patterns.

Does this resonate with you?

I know it does with me.

Dive into Greatness is about focusing on you being healthy.

To change your body weight, your mindset, your movement patterns, to change the things that aren’t working in your careers, in your relationships, with your money story, we need to focus on health and happiness first.

Yes, I did just say all those things and more, can and will change by focusing on your health and wellness.

Getting healthy, liking yourself, loving yourself, being kind to yourself – right where you are in this moment.

Being motivated by running away from pain or discomfort, whether that pain is physical or psychological, may not have worked out for you in the past. Telling your body and self how much you dislike it, how disappointed in it you are, how stupid it is, how stupid you are, probably hasn’t really worked out for you.

Seriously, how has that worked out for you?

If this resonates you, it’s seriously time for a change. It’s time to get in harmony with your body, to create a sweet soulful relationship with it right in this moment. Not later, when you at that magical number on the scales.

Start freaking loving yourself right now.

You can do it. It’s your choice to do it. You have to choose to let go of the name calling, all the beating down on yourself, talking crap to yourself – it has to go.

Try a month of saying only good stuff to yourself – I promise you, you will feel different.

Dive into Greatness will support you to take that journey, It will show you a new way to ROCK your health, to change your relationship with yourself, how you speak to yourself. You will take action that feels freaking good, action that focuses on pleasure, creating a clear path to health, to change, to feeling good.

We have to go wide and deep to make this work. We have to open up and be totally honest about the things that are keeping us stuck. This is where the magic happens.

When you do the surface work and just focus on eating less food, or ramping up the exercise, on ‘clean eating’, lets be honest, it can all get soulless, tiresome, boring and down right miserable. You can feel deprived of life. How many times have you felt this way?

Choose to do it differently.

I want you to have the most amazing relationship with yourself. Creating a life you love, loving your body, loving your mind. Love your actions. Loving YOU.

Dive into Greatness is about focusing on the practical work you need to do to live your most joyous fun filled life.

Start being in that place right now. You get to choose.

When we choose to take good care of ourselves, being kind to ourselves in the present moment, it becomes natural, easier. It becomes pleasure filled. It becomes a journey of joy rather than purgatory.

When you starting speaking to yourself with kindness and love, things change. You automatically choose a different way to fill yourself up. You will choose more good stuff that fuels, and propels you forward.

It’s time to stop being stuck. It just doesn’t make sense to stick with the old path of self destruction and hatred, of motivating yourself by running away from what you don’t like.

When you shift your focus on wellness, on your health, whatever you want to change will. Not overnight, (the boom and bust approach probably hasn’t worked out that well either!) but it will change. And it will more than likely change for good. For the long term.

Imagine opening your eyes everyday and feeling good about yourself, about loving life right in that moment, about looking forward to how you are going to treat yourself today. Imagine marvelling at how great your body feels, how focused and positive your mindset is. Imagine flipping the script, change the narrative to this new way of being.

Go on, close your eyes and just imagine what it feels like to choose to talk to your self with kindness and love……

Feels good hey….

You get to choose to flip your script. You get to choose to live in harmony right this minute. I will show you how.

If you’d like a completely free of charge chat with how you can move forward, how you can have flip your script to being kinder to yourself, to changing then way you approach looking after your body and mind, then pop your details here and we’ll get together over the phone or Skype and chat through how you can move forward with focus, strategy and new way of liking yourself and how Dive into Greatness can work for you.

No matter where in the world you are, we can work together.

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