We have to look at the tough stuff.

We have to work at getting our head in the game.

Many people know I’m somebody that writes everything down. I know that I need to connect with my intentions every single day to make sure things happen in my life.

When people tell me they can’t make their changes stick I get them to connect with their base-camp of wellness. I do this by getting them to go look at the tough stuff.

We have to work at getting out head in

Lets face it, we are all human beings, we can all drift a little away from were we want to be. But if you’re not sticking with your simple essentials, then chances are, it’s all in the tough stuff, the things you maybe don’t want to look at. But by doing so, the magic will happen.

When you decide you can’t make your changes stick, when that’s the story you tell yourself, then that will be your reality.

Our brains are like a soft piece of plastic. Our brains can and will think differently even if you have a pattern or style of thinking that you’ve had for years, you can break that connection and re-wire your brain to be more product. Get your brain to work in alignment with the life you want to live.

But here’s the secret, we have to put a little leg work into. We have to put our backs into the process to make things happen.

We need to go and lurk in the shadows for a little, we need to look  into our darkness. So we can then pull it into the light and make changes happen. Make your changes stick. 

Ask yourself ::

Ask yourself why you want you to make changes, what is it you want to change, what will the changes mean to you? And how different will your life be once you’ve got your handle on the consistent actions?

Write down your top three goals and get really detailed on actions you need to take to make them happen.

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what are the 5 biggest things that hold you back from making changes and realising your goals? (It could be anything; busy life, sugar addiction, emotional eating, not making you a priority)

Next write down your beliefs about what may be holding you back? (“I’ve tried before and I’ve failed”, “I’m not worth the time, other people in my family are a bigger priority”, “Making change, losing weight is too dam hard”.

Sit down and ask yourself straight out about your relationship with food? How do you currently nourish yourself and what may be a far more productive way for you to nourish yourself?

How do you nourish yourself in others ways, do you socialise enough, do you have the intimacy you want, how do you feel about your finances, what’s going on with your career, are you getting enough exercise?

Now lets connect you with the good stuff. Write down every single positive experience you’ve had self-caring for yourself, when you have eaten well, when you have hit your sweet spot exercising, when you’ve surrounded yourself with uplifting people.

When you feel like you’ve exhausted all options on being able to make changes stick, then go deeper. Go through the above.

Take a good long hard look under the bonnet of that machine of yours, your mind and body to see if there are some things you’ve missed that you can work on to make it happened for you.

What do you want to bring into the light?


NOTE :: Remember, always reach out for support if things come up for you that are deeply emotional and upsetting. If you are suffering from depression or any other psychological or medical disorder, please seek professional help.

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2 thoughts on “We have to look at the tough stuff.”

  1. Thank you. I started reading and along the way thought, I can’t do this my brain feels foggy. I can’t connect to anything, I feel disjointed and as though I am living in honey… you know? Just unable to make my brain work.
    And I had my eureka once more… I stopped eating wholegrains and green veggies, I stopped going to bed at the best time for my optimum sleep and I re connected with alcohol… I know what I have to do … I am ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx

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