I wish I was told this in the beginning.

The Law of Diminished Returns

Make Peace with the Law of diminished

When I started off on my wellness trail I got such a HUGE buzz about all the massive changes I saw quickly.

Then guess what, it slowed down. The further I went on, the changes become smaller, happened over long periods of time, and the buzz faded.

Nobody told me this would happen. Nobody explained or managed my expectations that changes would start to take longer to see the further I went. And the returns for my efforts would get so small sometimes I wouldn’t see a difference.

And that’s when I hit the wall.

Doubt was creeping in, I started to think all my efforts wasn’t worth it. I thought everything I was doing wasn’t working. I thought I had broken the system that had clearly helped me make huge gains.

I thought this success wasn’t meant to happen for me. The Mind Gremlins came and had a big old dance party and started telling me I was doing crap.

Stop right there, think for a moment, has this happened to you too?

Truth is, I wasn’t doing crap. I was experiencing exactly what I was supposed to experience – The Law of Diminished Returns.

Nobody explained to me this was going to happen. I wish I was told this in the beginning.

Let me ease your pain and give you the absolute fact of the matter –  the better you get, the more consistent you become in looking after your health and wellness, you will see smaller and smaller improvements.

Your weight loss will slow down, perhaps to just tiny time changes.

Your fitness improvements will become less obvious.

The buzz you got at the beginning will probably become less of a buzz and more of your every day norm.

You have not failed or failing . You are succeeding.

The Law of Diminished Returns applies to everything you do in life.

At the beginning of changing your life when you decided to focus on your health, you may have seen the pounds roll off, your body change at speed, you went down a dress size or two, your fitness and mood improve without much effort or with a few minimal changes in lifestyle.

But these dramatic changes don’t keep going at the same pace, it starts to become more challenging the further you go on.

This is usually the point where you may have given up in the past.

Make peace now with the absolute fact that you have to continue to work on the very things that started to help you see changes to your mind and body.

You are going to have to work on your consistency. You are going to have to work on your mastery.

You have to stay in the room when it gets tough.

Now you know about The Law of Diminished Returns you can plan for success.

You can choose to break down your goals into small chunks so you are always delivering, always succeeding.

Your journey to look after you, nurture and nourish that body of yours is for a life time. Sometimes it will be super simple. Sometimes you will be really frustrated. But you stay with it.

When it gets tough you are going to have to put in more effort to keep you in your holding place till you breakthrough and move forward. Progress will become slower, but you will have made progress and you will reap the benefits.

Success isn’t a straight line. Often it’s this crazy journey with so many twists, turns, stop, starts, frustrations, anger, fury, joy, happiness, love, laughter and passion.FB _ JoGrobbelaarHealthCoach

You are going to have to switch things up, try a new route sometimes, get the right support to give you that kick up the ass to keep going, a pep talk or two and show you a big chunk of love and remind you to keep loving yourself too.

So now you know about this little ole law, I want you to take stock of when you’ve maybe given up on something because you thought what you were doing wasn’t working.

Write it down.

Write down with total honesty everything you were doing to make your goal happen.

Write down why you stopped.

Was it because it wasn’t happening as quick as you wanted it to? Was it because it was getting harder to see results? Was it because you weren’t managing your own expectation and therefore sabotaged yourself.

You are human. You will experience The Law of Diminished Returns.

Regroup, focus, set your goals and get going again with the full knowledge you can and will pull off anything you want to achieve.

You now have this wonderful new information and with a tweak here and there, you can succeed and feel incredible.

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  1. Fantastic article Jo – and SO true. It’s so easy to keep the motivation going when we are in the initial buzz of experiencing rapid change. AND of course we can’t expect the same level of changes as we progress on our health journey, because there is less to dramatically change, but hard to see this when you are in it and no longer seeing the level of results we were x

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