What is your attitude to failing?

I’ve got something you really need to know. In fact, it’s vital and will allow you to move forward with great might, hustle and will give you peace with your mind.

Ask yourself – What is your attitude to failing?

When you free yourself from failure, you

You can not fail your health, wellness and weight loss journey. You don’t just get great at tackling your health. It’s doesn’t happen over night. In fact this applies to anything in life.

You’ll trip up sometimes. You’ll move forward with big leaping bounds. Every setback is an opportunity to dig deeper and look at what’s really going on with you. This is all part of the learning process, of you understanding what’s right for you, what truly makes you tick. What works to keep you focused on “health first”.

When you mess-up and fall off the health wagon, just do a U-turn.

If you get lost on a car journey or you miss the turning, the GPS tells you to turn down the next correct turning. It just tells you how to correct yourself. It doesn’t call you all the horrible names under the sun, it doesn’t tell you you’re stupid, ugly, pathetic or any other nasty name.

Does it? No, it just tells you how to get going back in the right direction.

Pay attention to when you didn’t quite get it right. When you maybe skipped a meal and created a food emergency, when you failed to plan your food for the next day, or week. When you didn’t take your lunch to work, when you didn’t exercise when you said you would. All these moments are your very best teachers.

Listen and look at these moments. Instead of being mean to yourself, use them as opportunities to look at how you need to hustle up your health game and focus on what you can do better. Take advantage of the negative moments, make the most of them, allowing you to create a wellness strategy that keep you healthy for life.

Thomas Edison said “I didn’t fail one thousand times. The lightbulb was an invention with one thousand steps.”

Many of us are really highly educated as we’ve made many, many mistakes. Some things we only learn through failure. I think I probably make at least one good mistake a week. If I’m not making a mistake, I’m not growing. And I’m not afraid of failing either.

When you free yourself from failure, you set yourself free and create freedom to grow.

Reposition your mistakes to help you see where you create vulnerable moments. Moments where things could go a go a stray.

Then create some simple boundaries to support you in your vulnerable times :: Here are some of my personal favourites –

  • If you’re going out to dinner in the evening, still eat all your meals before that including your snacks. That way you won’t be tempted to over consume and you’ll keep yourself on track with your wellness goals.
  • When you feel temptation to stray rising, have a go-to plan of things to do; take a walk, drink a glass of water, take a bath; meditate.
  • Eat your healthy whole foods before you eat any foods you are craving. So if you skipped lunch and now craving cake, go eat your healthy lunch and then decide if you want the cake. The cake isn’t bad, but it’s aways good to fuel up on the whole foods first so you can make wise decisions based on fact rather than a whim.
  • Eat you veggies with every meal – nourish yourself at every opportunity.

Every-time you make choices inline with your wellness goals, it will build your character, confidence and self esteem.

When you create a strategy to look at what’s not been working, you are kinder to yourself.

Stepping away from failure makes you less mean to yourself, less judgemental and supports you to have a bucket load of empathy towards yourself and others.

Be purposeful. Write up your boundaries for your vulnerable times, and remind yourself of them daily, three times a day, as much as you need to shift your focus and freeing you from failure.

Create your freedom and growth.

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2 thoughts on “What is your attitude to failing?”

  1. Love the thought of not being able to fail, Jo! My learning is to ensure I don’t create food emergencies and to eat the good food before deciding whether I want to eat what I’m craving – this now makes so much sense! Spot on and thank you 🙂 x

    • It feels so good to know you can’t fail. It’s about just keep chipping away. And glad the tips are helpful too. xo

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