Think Ahead To Boost Your Brain Power

My life can be pretty chaotic.

It’s like I have a revolving door to my home with lots of lovely people coming and going. I have a lots of responsibility for others. I have a busy thriving career and Practice. I have friendships. I have social times. I have training time. I need to plan and cook the food,  and keep the house tidy and clean. It’s an endless list of stuff to juggle and get done. The long and short of it, it can be chaos and hectic. Sometimes I’m in auto mode, being the best I can for the people I need to be.

I know already that many of your lives are the same too.

I completely get that it’s hard sometimes to take action that aligns with your deepest wishes.

Sometimes life and all its demands gets in the way.

The thing is, I think and plan a lot so I can cope with lives demands.

Think Ahead. Boost your brain power.

We all have to cultivate the time and ability in to thinking before taking action. To think ahead to boost your brain power.

The more forethought you give to what you want to achieve, how you want to feel, what outcomes you want in life, the more you will live in the present moment. And chances are you will live a healthier longer life too.

You will get ahead of the hustle of life. It doesn’t mean all those demands on you will stop. No, it just means you will have carved out a plan on what is right of you and what actions are right for you.

You will say no to somethings and yes to others. You will take action in alignment with what you want in life.

Boosting your brain power will improve your health and lifestyle. We need to get into the habit of using our brain; engaging the brain before taking action.

Knowing what you truly want in life, knowing what truly motivates you, keeps your thinking honest and real, and then acting in consistent ways time and time again to achieve the things you truly want in life.

Here are my go to top tips on boosting your brain power and helping you think things through before taking action ::

  1. Strive for 8 hours of sleep per night. Reality is, less sleep means lower overall blood flow to the brain meaning chances are you’ll make some not so great decisions.
  2. Balance your blood sugar. Research tells us that low blood sugar levels effect the blood flow to the brain, which in turn could lead to poor impulse control, grumpiness, and more of those not so great decisions.
  3. Connect with your goals daily. Look at your vision boards, your goals, write them down every day then ask yourself “Is my behaviour today in line with my what I truly want for myself?”
  4. Use your brain. Build your self control muscle and build it strong. It’s like any other muscle in the body, the more you use it, the stronger it will become. Teach your brain the boundaries by saying no to it, especially when it doesn’t align with who you really want to be and the actions you really want to take.
  5. Get in your Omega 3 fatty acids. Research has indicated that low levels of omega 3 fatty acid can have a negative effect on depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and other brain issues.
  6. Use the “Then What?” question. Whenever in doubt about something you are going to do, ask yourself this powerful question. By doing this, it will help you keep your health and lifestyle at the top of your mind. If I do this then what will happen?

All of these tips will support you, no matter how busy you are, to keep focused on you and your goals ahead, your lifestyle and your health. Mastering making consistently great decisions needs you to have a healthy brain.

I want you to think about your health. It’s my job to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, to prompt you to think about your health. Thats’s my job, to support you to look after you.

Be careful what you think, your thoughts can sometimes get in the way of you running your life in the way you truly want to.

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  1. Love the concept of forethought helping you to live in the present more fully. And I need to start taking my omega 3 again! x

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