When Dry January Lead to A Million Pounds

So I have a client. As many of you know I work with complete confidentiality with my clients. However, my client John has given me permission to tell you his story.

When dry january lead to a million pound-2Twelve months ago I had to truly kick John’s ass (in a totally loving way, of course). He’d been basically flirting with living a big life. He sometimes did the right things. He said all the right things. He took action some of the time. He was successful. But I knew he could live a bigger more purposeful life. I knew inside he was crushed because he wanted more for himself too.

Roll back to January 2015, John decided to do dry January because we both knew and had discussed the root cause reason that held him back was his relationship with booze and the huge party boy lifestyle that went with it. (Think wolf on wall street without the drugs and girls, but partying hard with booze, fast cars, boats and planes!).

I congratulated him on his decision then called bullsh*t.  I asked him what it would be like to embrace abstinence for longer, how about 90 days? And what did he think he could achieve in that time?

He was astounded that I’d even thought he could do it.

I KNEW HE COULD. I knew that if I could support him to get some serious space between him and his relationship with booze, he would be able to reflect to a much deeper level, make an informed choice and decision about what was truly right for him.

Now I wouldn’t say he was totally on board from the beginning. In fact I think I can safely say he was p*ssed about it. But he realised that this is what really needed to happen so he could asses his relationship with booze, helping us get down even deeper to potentially more root cause reasons as to why booze played a big part in his life.

Month one was sort of ok, he was still feeling like it was deprivation. But we worked hard to reposition what was going on and changed the narrative.

Then things changed.

His already successful business become REALLY successful. He had clarity, focus, drive and was able to be far more creative that ever before.

  • He looked better, he started to loose weight whilst not massively changing his eating habits,and he slept better.
  • He wrote a book.
  • Set up his podcast.
  • His relationship improved; more balance, more collaboration, more love.

But most importantly of all, he started having a deep a meaningful relationship with himself.

He started to see what he really wanted from life, that he could make choices, that he could handle tough situations differently leaving him feeling good. That he wanted to lead a more peaceful, calm life. That he could socialise, and still have a great time.

He loved the clarity that the ninety days of no booze brought.

John made his first million pound in 2015.

He lost over two stones in weight.

He bought the most beautiful home.

He travelled the world building his lucrative career.

Most importantly of all he connected with himself like he never had before.

He started a deep, serious relationship with himself. Giving a voice to what he really wanted and needed in life, taking action to make that happen.

The party boy had left the building and the calm, centred, motivated man had arrived.

Yes, John did add alcohol back in later in the year. He did have a very different relationship with booze than he’d ever had before which has supported him to make informed choices about booze.

I’m thrilled to say that John has started the year with the intention of doing a whole year booze free, and he is leading his team to do 90 days booze free too.

If you’re doing dry January I applaud you. It’s a wonderful thing to do for you and your body. I want you to take this moment to think about what could possible change for you if you took it a little bit further, for a little longer?

How could you see this as a good thing rather than deprivation?

What do you need in terms of support?

What could you achieve in 90 days?

Remember, however long you do is great, I’d love to see if you can embrace doing the whole 90.

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