[ VIDEO ] A Tuesday Chat, and What Do you DO?

Tuesday Chat

I’ve been busy doing more video’s lately. I enjoy the medium of creating something instant, fun and it feels very present, in the moment. I don’t use script’s so it’s really all me, my thoughts and stuff that’s in my head.

What I’m enjoying about this most is feeling into my own vulnerability about being good enough, or perfect enough to do this. Back in the day I worked in a big live marketing agency, it was all about perfection. Everything had to be absolutely perfect – and quite rightly so, these clients were paying a fortune. But that held belief didn’t work for me in the medium that I work in today. Life isn’t “social media” perfect. Life is Sh*te sometimes, and it’s usually when people are feeling life is not so sparkly they head in my direction.

So in my new video series, Tuesday Chat, which could turn into Wednesday PowWow’s, Or Thursday Thrives – we’re keeping things fluid here, this week I’m chatting about what the heck it is I actually do

  • How I support people
  • How my work has helped me
  • The breakdowns
  • The break throughs
  • And the deeper love we can have for ourselves

All love, Jo

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