Food Friend or Food Foe

Food Friend or Food Foe

This weeks chat is all about the food story, mine and maybe yours too – Is it Food Friend or Food Foe. Some of you will know (or maybe not), I haven’t always had the easy relationship with food. That all changed back in 2007 when I decided that along with changing my career, I wanted to really truly understand my relationship with food, where my beliefs stemmed from, and what I was prepared to do about this relationship.

Food relationships are multi-complex and different for everybody. This is a chat about getting curious and deciding what’s going on for you.

  • Getting squishier around the edges, but so, so much healthier
  • Are you saying no when you really want to say YES?
  • Are you trapped in the ‘extreme’ then ‘falling off the bad wagon’ cycle?
  • Do you know what a good food place to be looks like for you?
  • Are you ready to get curious?

If you watched the video I promised to link my injury story which is HERE and my story about working in group counselling, eating to heal your metabolism, it’s all HERE.

Be curious people, no that one size doesn’t fit all, and you can have a happy healthy relationship with food, but sometimes it doesn’t come in the package that we think is ‘should’.

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