Does Perfectionism hold you back? And my free tapping meditation to help you with just that.

This weeks Tuesday chat is all about the secret sauce.

The Secret Sauce | Jo Grobbelaar

That’s what one of my client’s call a tool I use when working with my lovely people. I may have touched on it lightly before, but my client noticed that I just don’t talk about it enough. The tool I’m talking about is EFT or more commonly known as tapping.

I use EFT every single day. I use it for myself to set up my day, and I pretty much tap along with clients all day, every day, helping them clear emotional blocks. It’s time for me to share about this with you more as I know how powerful this tool is. Check out these good words clients have written about their experience of EFT and how it’s help them create massive shift in their life.

This week we delve into perfectionism, and how EFT can really help you to clear your emotional block around this tricky and and sometimes debilitating mind gremlin that stops you doing all the stuff that you really want to do. And I have created a little bundle of FREE stuff, a tapping meditation in both video and audio for you to use whenever you need to, helping you if perfectionism is holding you back. GO HERE to get it delivered straight to your inbox, and be first on the list as I release so many more over the coming months.

So grab a cuppa and a snack, put your feet up and lets chat about perfectionism AND don’t forget I’ve got together a really simple tapping meditation to help you with this very block, remember to sign up HERE to get the bundle straight to your inbox. When we are stuck, it’s about focusing on progress, how far you’ve come, the changes you’ve made no matter how great or small so check in with the tapping meditation to help you do just that and relaaaax.

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