Give A Gift To You

My gift guide for YOU.

There are so many gift guides knocking about the internet at the mo, so of course this will seemingly look like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but to be honest, who cares, gifts are GREAT especially if we focus on giving a gift or three to ourselves.

Give A Gift To You

Many of you know that I like to point you back in the direction of yourself.  I like you to look after yourself first and foremost. So with that in mind, I’ve come up with a little gift guide of all things you may like to buy for you or maybe use as a suggestion list for your loved ones… (Nothing like a little subtle hinting).

I am the absolutely worst person to buy for. I have quirky tastes, I don’t buy many things, and when I do see something I like I just get it!

Here’s my guide to some of this years most favourite things I’ve indulged in ::

One of my favourite purchases this year is my ring from Treaty! It’s a one size fits all situation, so stylish, it’s ethically source, and don’t get me started on the price. This statement piece of jewellery is £12!

Give A Gift To You

I love nothing better than a good body moisturiser to use after the shower and this beauty has absolutely hit the spot for me. It’s the Arbonne Olive Blossom & Eucalyptus Body Butter. This smells so divine and takes me back to my days when I lived in Australia – (My spiritual home!). This is a real treat for your body with a reasonable price tag for such a high quality product of £30. Whilst you’re checking out this body butter, also check out the RE9 Skin Care rang. I’ve been test driving it lately and my skin has never been in such great shape.

Give A Gift To you

Next up has been one of my favourite books this Year, Bloom : Navigating Life & Style by Estée Lalonde. She has a lovely relaxed look (and we all know I’ve been pushing the relaxed look to the max lately!) which totally resonates with me. Estée is a blogger/ YouTuber, and this book covers everything from ideas for a beauty bucket list, wardrobe staples, her style evolution, gifts ideas, travel and much more in-between. It’s a lovely book you can drop into at any point, walk away from for a while and come back to and still enjoy.

Next up is a local shop to me (that sells online too!), Earth Mum Soul Sister. Sisters Joanne & Rachel have curated some of the best organic natural beauty products and lifestyle products in their absolutely stunning boutique. They now have the very own line of organic beauty products. I think my favourite in their range is the organic perfume collections. These come in selections packs and then you can go on to choose your favourite scent for a full size. They have so many lovely thing, if the perfume is not for you then check out their organic skincare range too, it’s divine!

Give A Gift To You

No gift guide is complete without a Lush bath product. This year I have re-found my love for bath time. I’ve reintroduced the Sunday ritual and I love a Lush bath bomb to join us too. Hot on my favourite list is Dragons’s Egg – it sends your bath a beautiful citrus gold colour with the faint scent of a sherbet fizz bomb, mixed with lemons and limes. Next up is So White – This has rose oil and bergamot to restore peace and tranquility to the mind and body, especially good for the Christmas hustle. Finally I love Lord of Misrule, with its spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper, it’s a little perkier so a nice one to use if you’re having a cheeky mid-day bath.

Give a Gift To youScreen Shot 2016-12-08 at 20.07.21Give A Gift To You




No self-giving gift guide is complete without a recipe book. I absolutely LOVE Dr Mark Hyman’s recipe book :: Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook. My life strategy roots are firmly planted in wellness and eating good food, and this book speaks to me. I LOVE the concept and well researched ideas by Dr Hyman – that by eating ample amounts of good fats, we can radically change the way we manage our weight, happiness and health. This book has over 170 recipes based on the intention of introducing more good fats into your daily nutrition, whilst keeping things simple and easy to prepare. Dr Mark was one of my favourite teachers when I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I’ve followed his work closely since then. So, so much of it makes total sense to me and other people I work with.

Ok I LOVE fresh juice, but one thing that doesn’t work for me is that there is only me that really loves them in my home. So, it means that because of the way I buy the ingredients, things can go off before I’ve managed to enjoy them. Or I get bored because I have the same juice to make sure I use up all the ingredients – I know, total first world problems! So I am totally down with getting fresh juice delivered. Yes, its is a really big luxury, but when we need a little boost and rebalance to the immune system in January, this can be the ideal solution and a huge bucket of self-love. Pressed London do great packs of various types ranging for pure green juices, roots and juice, nut milks and even juice with a little jalapeño! They deliver UK wide too.

Give a gift to you

After all this is my gift guide so I think it’s fitting that I actually add in my own little product too. You can book yourself in for 1 session or a whole package of sessions on my “Creating Space for Greatness” programme. In these sessions we will look at where you are at in life, where you want to be and what’s keeping you stuck, what’s stopping you from hitting your goals and living out your dream life. You will go away with blocks cleared, a plan and strategy, actions to implement and if you book a programme of sessions, some gentle loving butt kicking to keep you moving on the path to success so you get to live the life you deserve.

Give a gift to you

Finally, I bloomin LOVE a raw silk scarf. If you’ve ever watched any of my live video’s I use these little beauties to snuggle up in to keep me warm. A great place to get them from is It’s Good Shopping. Wendy curates the most lovely ethically sourced, eco, fairtrade products around. She is passionate about sourcing based on having a positive impact on the people & communities producing the products, in other words – doing good through trade. These raw scarfs are the absolute bomb and come in a range of beautiful colours.

Give a gift to you

So that’s a wrap from me. There were many other things I wanted to include like my passion for certain lipstick brands and colours, my clothing obsession with ASOS, and technology, but I thought I’d keep it simple and include the things I hope you’ll love too.

Have the most wonderful festive holidays, what’s your plan, and how do you plan to look after you over this busy time of year? 

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