Have you got the mid-year MEH?

Mid-year MEH? Then check out my five point plan to get you out of your funk and into your flow.

Have you got the half-year MEH?

I am one of those gals that needs a village to keep me on track. I’m not afraid to say it and I’ve said it often. I have a lot of helpers in my personal team. These helpers, some I pay to help me – my therapist, my business coach, my business coaches contacts, my virtual assistant, accountant, trainer, somebody to help me with the family when I’m travelling, and last but absolutely by no means least, my incredible accountability buddy. All these people contribute to keeping me on track with the plans I’ve made and the dreams I want to make come true.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t do the work for me. There is only me that can do that, but they guide help, advise and kick my ass when I don’t follow through….

They keep me out of the MEH as much as possible and when I do slip into it, they help me out of it pronto.

So where are you and your MEH? Did you start out the year with a great master plan then that utterly lovely thing called life got in the way before you’ve even had the chance to get in the swing of the things you really wanted to do for yourself. Maybe right now you don’t have your village to help, guide and support you.

Don’t worry, this is where I can help you and maybe be your for first village member.

So based on what I’ve learnt over this 9 years I’ve been rowing my own boat and running my own business, here is my 5 point plan to get you back on track, to un-MEH your MEH and to re-connect with all the things you wanted to do for you at the start of the year. Plus a chance to come hang out with me and a bunch of other awesome ladies to help you get your groove on.

  1. Go back to the list you made and look at it. That’s a thing we sometimes forget to do, we forget to keep reminding ourselves what it is we want to change or achieve. If you made a long list, a short list or you didn’t make a list at all and want to start now (either way, it’s all good), look at the list, read through it slowly and see what’s on that list that really resonates with you now, in this moment. What one thing on that list really floats your boat? And that’s where we are going to start, we are going to choose just one thing from the list to get you going, to give you confidence, to leverage a place of success. This one thing is going to get you in the habit of working on changing the one thing you really want to change. Taking action on just one thing will be a massive boost to your self confidence and in turn your self-esteem. So choose the one thing and the let’s move on to point two.
  2. Plan and Take Action. So we now have our one thing from your list that you want to work on. Now we need to decide what actions we are going to take to make it come together. Actions are the backbone of making changes. Without action we have just a few things on a list. Take half an hour to decide exactly what actions you need to take to bring your dreams to reality. To give you a few ideas :: Maybe you want to learn to run. Download something like the coach to 5k app that will help you do that. Download app, plan and book dates with yourself to go running. And go running with your app. Or research running club, call running club, book in diary to attend running club, go to running club.
    Maybe you want to sort your finances out. That could look something like – look at all bank statements for last three months, make a note of where money has been spent. Then plan out a new do-able budget. Plan where you’re going to buy groceries to reduce cost, decide how much are you going to budget to pay down your debt (if you have any), how much are you going to budget to into savings and house hold stuff, how much budget for play money. Then on a daily basis you need to work the budget. Tracking and recording – tacking action every. single. day.
  3. Block out time in your diary to do your actions. It’s no good just deciding and knowing what your plan is, you have to literally block out the 5 mins, 30 mins, hour to get your actions done and done regularly. Get into the habit of booking a meeting with yourself to make things happen. Or it ain’t gonna happen. And you’ve already decided that you no longer want to feel MEH, so do it differently from today.
  4. Write down the whole plan and actions and outcomes you desire every single day. One of the best ways for you to connect with the things you are working on changing is to connect with it every single day (can you see there is a theme here!) Grab yourself a pad and pen, then every single night introduce this practice into your night time routine – write down what it is your are working towards changing, what are the desired outcomes, what are the actions you are taking tomorrow to achieve that change, and what actions have you taken that day towards making that change. This is a powerful way to support your brain to re connect with how you take action and see things through. It keeps you focused and stops you drifting away or letting anything get in the way of your success.
  5. Get yourself hooked up with a like minded accountability buddy. I have mine, we literally book a meeting in our diaries to have a weekly 30 minute conversation. There is no complaining allowed, no negative talk, this conversation is purely to focus on the plans we are working on, the actions we are taking that we week and really importantly, celebrating our successes and getting help when we are a bit stuck. Two heads are better than one, and this way you both get something out of a great relationship.

And if your MEH feels like it could do with a little magic, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

Come and join me at the “Creating Space For Greatness” 1 day live workshop – all the details are HERE.

This is a really POWERFUL day of discovery. You will get crystal clear on ::

  1. Looking at what you really crave in life
  2. What do you want more of
  3. What do you need to give yourself permission to be
  4. Owning up and owning your differences
  5. What do you do intuitively
  6. What do you do even though you resist it
  7. What things in your life make me feel alive
  8. What brings you down

This workshop is about facing every day happy. Along with a whole host of positive feelings that you may have never embraced before. Being more motivated, with a clear path of what you want to achieve and how you are going to set about doing it, making sure you set for success. Along with having more time for yourself, actually changing your life.

GO HERE to read more or simply book yourself in by going HERE.

I’d LOVE to have you there.

On a final note, I really want you to think about this feeling of MEH – is this something that’s been lingering along time? How does this MEH feel, does it feel you need a little help from a specialist to help sort this out? Do you need to have a conversation with a professional to help you understand your MEH? It’s really important to say at this point I am not a clinician, and sometimes that’s exactly what we need.

So I hope this has helped you in some way to Un-MEH the MEH and if a full day with me and some other lovely ladies sounds right up your street then come find out all about it HERE.

All love, Jo


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