5 Quick Tricks To Excellent Self-Care

Inspiring Women – When Age Don’t Mean A Thing and Widsom of Five Quick Tricks to Excellent Self-Care

Five Quick Tricks to Excellent Self-Care

I know, I traveled a lot this year and yes, I am currently away again… This time on a staycation (that’s what I think they call it when you stay in your home country!). I’ve tucked myself away about one hundred and thirty miles away from home, in one of my fav all time places – Abersoch on the North Wales Peninsula. I have great childhood memories of holidaying here – probably my favorite childhood memories of all time.

I love the smell of the sea air as you open the door. I love that you can get delicious food on your door step. I love that I can be in bed by 9 pm, and sleep a solid ten hours without getting disturbed. It’s a total battery re-charge, getting me ready to go again.Five Quick Tricks To Excellent Self-Care

Some may see this as selfish.

I see these little adventures essential.

I LOVE the work I do. I wouldn’t do anything else. But I know that my total devotion to my work, my client’s and career, to my family, could if I don’t make sure I had these reset points, utterly take everything. I wouldn’t be of service to anybody. And I would be one very incredibly unhappy human – that in itself would mean I would be useless.

I do (still!) have guilt when I take these trips. I do have to check myself when I get the guilt. I know (for me) these trips are as essential as oxygen, water, and food. And I still get the odd comments about how “lucky” I am to take trips like this.

Whilst here I popped into the local church hall to take a look at one of the art exhibitions that was currently being shown. (It has a very artsy community which is another reason I love being here!) And I met the most incredible women.

She was 80 years old and showing her collection of the most beautiful water colours.
Still working.
Still being creative.
Still having life adventures.
Still planning for the next stage of her life.
Still being a supportive parent.
Still be an amazing grandparent.

I asked her what the secret was to be so inspired, to have created an amazing fulfilling career, to still be doing what she clearly loved and what helped her to keep looking forward and doing more amazing stuff?

Her answer was simple – Be Selfish!

And of course, I asked her more.

She went on to tell me her life story, how she had raised two amazing children and all the time knew it was important to maintain a sense of self, to not lose herself to what was undoubtedly her most important job – being a mum and raising a family. She had a burning desire to keep still being creative, to have a lucrative career, produce amazing art work, to keep experiencing life in a way that inspired her creativity.

She instinctively knew in order to be the best at her most important job, she had to ensure she put time aside to prioritise herself…. To practice good self-care, in what ever shape or form that was to her.

Self-care doesn’t need to be running away from it all for 10 days.

These are my fav ‘self-care’, ‘selfish’, ‘self-preservation’ tricks (whatever words connect with you – insert and use frequently!)
that I took from our conversation:

1. Don’t do anything unnecessary. If your diary is filling up with stuff, that you know really doesn’t need to happen, be bold and feel good about canceling. THEN insert in that time slot things you want to do for you.
2. Have a list on the go of all the things you want to do for you – it’s so easy to lose track of this stuff when your main priority is your family/career/AN OTHER. So when you are brazen and cancel the unnecessary stuff, you know exactly how you want to fill that time to feel good.
3. Make time to find your creativity – even if you’ve labeled yourself a non-creative type. Creativity is the gateway to expressing yourself and opening yourself up to other possibilities. Join an art glass, buy a coloring book, learn to sew (my personal favorite that opened up a whole other world to me), join a pottery group.
4. Get outside – rain, hail, snow or sunshine. This can be the easiest way to grab five minutes with just yourself. If you just walk around the garden, focusing on your breath, moving and feeling into your body, focusing on you – can leave you super productive and ready for action and face the world again.
5. Having an empowered mindset around taking a time out from your responsibilities. This was her most important advice. We are programmed to see taking time out as selfish. When actually it is THE most powerful thing you can do for you.

So, how will you practice your self-care today?

If you want to join us for some serious self-care, then check out my “Get Off The Sidelines And Live Your Life” workshop series. I’ve love to have you there.

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