On The Importance of Supporting Each Other

On The Importance of Supporting Each Other

So last week there has been a little bit of a furor going on in the world of the internets. I’m not involved, but I have taken a look at what’s it been about without getting in too deep.

I talk a little bit about it more in my video below.

I can understand why people trigger themselves when they see what others are doing, especially if they have a sense of ….. Well, I’m just gonna say it, jealousy!

When we self-impose or otherwise a sense of competitiveness about what we’re doing, things can go pear shaped – I’ve seen it. And a little competitiveness is no bad thing either and can be used for a force of good. We don’t need to tackle each other to the ground to level some kind of imaginary playing field. We don’t need to be mean behind people backs or to their face, to make ourselves feel good.

Some days it feels like kindness and cheerleading are highly underrated. Oh, and whilst I’m at it – always seeing the good, or working to find the way to the good, is all GOOD in my books too.

Success women, from what have I seen and experienced, have often taken years to find their way, to find their voice, to find what really lights them. They often kept plugging away when others have fallen by the wayside. **THEY’VE WORKED HARD.**

Some people like being out loud and proud, center stage with their message. Some like to go about their business a little quieter – but just as successful. They get to do whatever they are doing with the life, career or business – whatever way they choose.

When you see somebody who you perceive as successful, you’ll see somebody who has steadily climbed their way through all the stuff, mess and curveballs to get themselves there.

On a final note of The Importance of Supporting Each Other 

Find a gang of women you can and want to support, get behind them, cheerlead for them, catch them if they fall, be there, and they will do the same for you. AND I have details of my gang of incredible women HERE. Come and join us, all the details are in the link, give it a CLICK, we may just be what you’re looking for. It’s time we let go of the notion of having to compete with each other and instead ROCK each’s others socks off.

Feel free to share this blog or tag your gang of women below, show them some love and support. And comment below, share your story of what support looks like for you.

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