Flip your Thinking for Mental Resilience in Business

flip the thinking mental resilience

Mental resilience is our ability to thrive through adversity and challenges and perform well under stress, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.  

Practising mental resilience can be one of the most valuable business assets to own and is one of the most sought-after personal attributes that a leader can have.

So what can you do to boost your own mental resilience? 

Being mindful of our ‘crooked’ thinking?

Crooked thinking is a thought or way of thinking that is irrational, exaggerated or unhelpful.  It’s easy to get caught up in crooked thinking as business owners, when we are faced with so many challenges as we grow. It’s critical to recognise when we fall into this trap so we can learn to replace these unhelpful thinking patterns with positive affirmations and facts in the HERE and NOW that are going to ground you.

Using the Flip the Thinking Tool is not just for the hard times. It’s also critical to managing daily challenges.  As your mental resilience increases, it will help you gain confidence in your ability to deal with whatever challenge you face in your business. 

What’s getting in your way?

Having a clear idea of what you need to change is the first step to building mental resilience. Think about what’s holding you back right now in achieving the business growth you really want – and deserve. What’s draining all the energy out of you? (this may not necessarily be business related). What’s causing you to get lost in the ‘weeds’ of your business? All these things can get in the way of achieving success and growth in our business, so it’s important you recognise what they are and what you’re going to do to change them. 

Power through setbacks

The Flip the Thinking is a great tool to use when you are tested, because let’s face it – you will be! Developing resilience in the face of setbacks will help you get right back up – smarter, wiser and more experienced than before. 

Mental toughness is built through repetition and consistency

Mental toughness is like any other muscle. It builds, strengthens, and improves over time and with repetition.  Getting into a ‘habit’ of doing daily and weekly rituals will prove beneficial over time – and will get easier over time too.  

As you practice Flip the Thinking, your mental strength increases, you’ll feel more confident in the decisions you make. You’ll gain clarity over what’s important to you (and what’s holding you back), and you’ll ensure that your priorities are aligned with what’s going to help you grow.

Download our series of videos that will walk you through the Flip the Thinking Tool and help you build mental resilience, step into your greatness and become the best version of yourself – as a leader and business owner. 


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