Unlocking the POWER of self-awareness – Interview with Allison Angel

Joanne Grobbelaar catches up with property guru and marriage champion, Allison Angel about how she has unlocked the power of self-awareness and resilience that has allowed her to grow a profitable business and create successful relationships. In this podcast, Allison shares incredible wisdom about the challenges she has overcome through a deep self-awareness that has not only helped her personal self-esteem and self-regulation, but has also led her to simplifying her business, creating a successful marriage and dealing with betrayal.


Allison’s property company, Allison & Co helps people generate wealth through property. In this interview she talks about creating WOW moments for clients. Wow moments often come from dissatisfied or disappointed customers. She uses these opportunities to turn their dissatisfaction into wow moments that make them loyal advocates; finding ways to give back to the customer as a way of thanks for identifying issues in her processes or service that could be improved. Find out she did it in this interview.

Having been through a very challenging first marriage, Allison has found love again and candidly shares how she is developing a successful marriage and relationship through having greater self-awareness. She believes that to make a partnership work, you have to get to know yourself. Allison is now a trained facilitator for the Prepare Enrich Couples Inventory, a program that gives couples a snapshot of what their couple profile is by looking at different aspects of a relationship such as money, parenting and values. It gives them great insight and opportunity into where they’re at right now in their relationship and how to create differentiation and unity.

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Allison is a member of The Boardroom – an empowering and inspiring women’s leadership development program where she has been through an incredible transformational journey of change; moving from a place of ‘fighting’ to now ‘resting’ where she is reaping the benefits of a profitable business and is about to launch her first book. Allison also has a brand new website called Journeying Me, where you can sign up to receive her monthly musings en route!


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