The key foundations to establish and grow a profitable business – Interview with Stacey Chapman

In this sizzling summer episode of the All in One Leadership Podcast, Joanne talks to tech superstar and acupuncturist, Stacey Chapman about the key foundations that have helped her to establish and grow a profitable business. Stacey went from working the corporate life in IT for a large financial organisation to starting her own acupuncture business.

In this podcast, Stacey shares her incredible and inspiring journey of how she went from corporate life to entrepreneurship, and how her personal health issues made her choose an entirely different career path.


Stacey now runs a highly sought-after acupuncture clinic in North London, specialising predominantly in women’s health. Her journey from start-up to building a thriving business has been built from establishing solid foundations that have not only enabled her to scale and grow a profitable business, she is now helping other health and wellbeing professionals to establish and scale their business using the same foundations.


Business success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes strong leadership skills, a deep self-awareness and knowing your numbers – something which Stacey has worked really hard on in the last 5 years to get her business to where it is today. She’s also put in place systems and processes that allow her to see how her clients are finding her business online and what marketing is working for her, so that she can do more of it in order to attract more of the same.

Find out how Stacey dedicates time out of her busy clinic schedule to get clear on her numbers and establish a solid client base.


Having been through this incredible journey, Stacey is launching an Academy to help other wellbeing professionals set up and grow their business using a combination of technical skills and processes and helping them create a website that will win them new business.

Stacey’s story is inspiring, and anyone looking to make a career change or start a business with solid foundations should hear what she has to say. Find out more about Stacey and her clinic by clicking HERE.

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