Managing the menopause: Why it’s time for a change in women’s health

Female health and menopause expert, Dr Zoe Hodson talks to Joanne about why the menopause has been such a taboo subject, the myths around taking HRT and how testosterone can make a huge difference to our energy levels and libido (without us growing huge beards!)

Dr Zoe has worked as a GP for over 20 years and works with the Menopause Doctor, Dr Louise Newson in a private clinic that specialises in women’s health. Recognising the ‘blind spot’ in medical support for women who are experiencing the myriad symptoms that come along with “the change”, this fascinating and eye-opening podcast dispels the myths around outdated scare stories of HRT increasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.


HRT has been lifechanging for so many women. It relieves many symptoms such as depression and anxiety and can even prevent heart disease and dementia. In fact, many women are misdiagnosed with depression when actually what they’re really experiencing is hormone deficiency. Dr Zoe Hodson shares some very emotional stories in this podcast about women who have felt they were ‘left for the scrapheap’ because they couldn’t understand why they were feeling discombobulated about their symptoms and didn’t know what was happening to them.


With some women recognising changes as early as in their late 30s, we need to reframe how HRT is perceived. Many associate HRT with women in their 50s, yet in some cases, the earlier we can start taking oestrogen the better. Then there’s the scaremongering from the press about HRT and the risk of breast cancer. Yet the actual risk with taking combined HRT is very small. Dr Zoe explains why women who are obese, drink 2-3 units of alcohol a day are in fact more at risk of breast cancer than those taking HRT.

Is there a risk that HRT can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer? Listen to find out.

The Newson Health Clinic is a private health clinic, but Dr Zoe is currently working collaboratively with Manchester’s leading property company, Bruntwood, to get her clinic into workplaces across Manchester and in communities that may not typically be able to afford private consultation. She also wants to target BAME communities where it might not be culturally as easy to talk openly about their health.

Find out more about her community projects to make HRT accessible to everyone.


For women who are curious to find out more, Dr Zoe recommends this excellent book Oestrogen Matters which looks at why taking hormones in menopause can improve women’s well-being without raising the risk of breast cancer.

There’s also a range of easily digestible resources on the Newson Health website.

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