Stepping out of your comfort zone and into you dream career

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into your dream career

This week’s blog is a little different. Let me tell you a story.

There was once a woman named Rachel who had worked hard to get where she was in her career. She had spent years climbing the corporate ladder and was determined to make it to the top. She was smart, ambitious, and dedicated to her work, and she knew she had what it took to succeed.

Despite all of her efforts, Rachel found that she was constantly being passed over for the most senior positions. No matter how hard she worked or how well she performed, she couldn’t seem to get the next step she craved and deserved. It was frustrating and demoralising, and Rachel felt like she was hitting a glass ceiling.

One day, Rachel decided that she had had enough. She knew that she could do more, and she wasn’t going to let anyone else hold her back. She made the tough decision to leave her current job and start her own consulting, facilitating, and coaching firm.

At first, it was a struggle. Rachel had to work hard to get her business off the ground, and there were plenty of challenges along the way. But she was determined to succeed and knew she had what it took to make it work.

As her business grew, Rachel focused on helping individuals helping them to clear their chaos, supporting people to take big steps forward and consistent action – the people she worked with transformed their own life while Rachel was the guide on their side. Rachel then expanded her concepts and offerings, helping organisations develop their companies and create teams that worked together to deliver for their clients. She was passionate about this work and loved helping others achieve their goals.

Over time, Rachel’s business became a huge success. She worked with a wide range of clients and was proud of the difference she made in the world.

But for Rachel, the most rewarding part of her business was knowing that she had made the tough decision to follow her dreams, even when it seemed impossible. She had overcome countless challenges and obstacles and had proven to herself and others that anything was possible with hard work and determination.

And here is the truth, Rachel is me – Joanne. This is my story that started sixteen years ago.

Writing out your journey can be empowering. It reminds us that we can be brave and courageous. Especially when we need to take our next leap of faith and let go of the rope we are hanging on. Then jump high and hard to grab that next rope, that next challenge, the following success stone on the journey.

If you need help and support unpacking your story and understand why you’ve become stuck,  book yourself in for a 30-minute discovery call HERE – we can see if we are a good fit to work together to create your next steps and get you out of your comfort zone. Book in HERE; I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Sixteen years ago, I decided to go it alone and build my own damn table. That table, The Boardroom, invited other women to sit around it too.

You can come and sit with us; Step out of your comfort zone. Book in HERE and get ready to come to join us.

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