Adventure Ideas in February

Adventure Ideas in February

January and February get such negative press – I’m not too fond of that thinking style. If you keep thinking and deciding Jan and Feb are going to be miserable and rubbish, they will probably be. 

Mindset is everything and in every situation.

With us easing into February and spring on the horizon, this month is a perfect time to escape the negative mindset, focus on what you can do, grab your coat, get outside and go on an adventure. 

With so many options available, choosing which one to go for can take time and effort. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 exciting ideas for adventures in February that won’t cost you a fortune. 

• Take a hike – Enjoy the beauty of winter by hitting the trails for a scenic hike. Whether it’s a nearby park or a national forest, there’s nothing like the crisp fresh air and scenic views of a winter hike. If you’re a walking newbie, join a walking group or check out the ordinance survey walking maps to get you on the best route for your level of expertise.

• Go Ice Skating – If you’re up for some fun, grab some friends and hit the ice for a day of skating. Plenty of outdoor rinks or indoor arenas offer a fun, budget-friendly activity. Check this link HERE for some ideas, or hit up google for what’s on in your local area.

• Visit a Museum – Our personal favourite! Indoor museum trips are a great way to spend a cold February day. Check out local museums, art galleries or science centres for a fun, educational and inexpensive day out. 

• Have a Movie Marathon – Who doesn’t love a good movie marathon? Gather some friends, grab snacks and have a cosy day watching all your favourite films. 

• Volunteer – Give back to your community by volunteering. There are plenty of opportunities to help at local food banks, animal shelters, or other non-profit organisations. From Scouts and Girl Guides to the National Trust.

• Cook a Feast – Cook up a storm in the kitchen and have a fun, food-filled evening with friends or family. Try a new recipe, or make your favourite comfort foods to share. 

• Visit a Farmers Market – Enjoy the flavours of winter by visiting a local farmers market. Try new winter produce, sample delicious treats and browse the stands for unique, handmade goods. 

• Have a Game Night – Invite some friends over for a fun-filled game night. From classic board games to video games, there’s something for everyone. 

• Take a Scenic Drive – Take a scenic drive through your area and enjoy the beauty of winter from the comfort of your car. Pack a picnic, stop at scenic vistas and take in the winter wonderland around you. 

• Do a Craft – Whether young or young at heart, doing crafts is a classic winter adventure. Indoor crafts or outdoor, enjoy doing something fun, learning a new skill, getting creative and creating with new friends. 

These ten exciting ideas for adventures in February will allow you to have fun, try new things, and explore your area without breaking the bank. So, grab your coat, get outside, and start planning your February adventure today!

February can be just as joy-filled as the spring and summer months as long as we are intentional about making it so.

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