One thing many of you may not know about me is that I’m deeply introverted. To be centre stage can be a tough spot for me to stand in. Back in the day when I was building my career, I learnt quickly that finding “my way” to stay visible would be vital if I succeeded in creating the career I wanted.

One of my most significant conversations with clients is often about staying visible.

  • If your clients can not see you, they can forget about you.
  • If potential new clients can not see you, they may never find you.
  • If you work in an organisation and stay under the radar, that promotion you want and desire may never be yours.
  • If you stay quiet and unseen in your current role, people can leapfrog over you, and they may have less talent and knowledge than you. But they have mastered their art of staying visible.

The struggle to stay visible is ongoing, even if you are somebody who can put yourself out there.

Staying visible is a voyage filled with challenges, but mastering your visibility style is a game-changer.

If staying seen is the pain in the butt that keeps coming back for more, exploring why consistency and finding your flow are vital on your path to success.

Let’s face it the world has never been more crowded; everyone is vying for attention, and it’s crucial to stand out. Being seen and heard is essential whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or artist.

But here’s the secret: your unique personal style of visibility is key to unlocking the doors of opportunity.

 One thing that has paid dividends for both me and my clients time and time again is consistency being the cornerstone of building a lasting impression.

People slowly [note here – slow is ok and good!] and steadily start to take notice when you consistently show up.

  • Your presence becomes familiar
  • Your expertise shines through

By showing up regularly you:

  • establish trust
  • credibility
  • reliability

All these qualities pave the way for growth and success. But here’s the catch: consistency alone isn’t enough.

Finding your flow and zone where you feel most authentic and confident is equally essential. Just as a river flows effortlessly through its path, finding your flow allows you to navigate the challenges of visibility easily.

Embracing who you are is a great starting point. Find your uniqueness and let it shine through.

Too often, I see people be something that I know is not them, but they feel it will increase their engagement level and returns. I see them pivot between styles and messaging quickly, and soon their audience has yet to learn who they are or what they stand for.

Find the platform that feels good for you.

If you are feeling visibility burnout, start or go back to being on one platform where you feel more like you and where you get a good return for your input.

Discover the channels and platforms where you can express yourself most effectively – by showing up in people’s inboxes. Or through captivating visuals, thought-provoking writing, or engaging videos.

By aligning your personal style with your passions, you create a powerful blend that attracts like-minded individuals and opportunities that resonate with your vision.

Your personal style of visibility is an ongoing process of self-discovery and evolution.

Embrace the journey, explore new avenues, and know that you may need to adapt and pivot as needed.

Surround yourself with a supportive community, collaborate with others, and learn from those who have mastered their own styles.

Hands up – are you ready to unleash the you you want the world to see, master your personal style of visibility, and watch as your business and career thrive?

Consistency and finding your flow are the stepping stones towards creating a lasting impact.

Let’s make our voices heard, our work seen, and our dreams realised.

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