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Debunking the 50/50 Myth Joanne Grobbelaar

Embracing Balance and Change: Debunking the 50/50 Myth and Nurturing Communication in Relationships

Embracing Balance and Change: Debunking the 50/50 Myth and Nurturing Communication in Relationships At our The Boardroom event in June, we dug deep into figuring out the stuckness holding people …

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Micro-joys for Mind Health

Micro-joys for Mind Health

Micro-joys for Mind Health In our busy lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and negativity of daily tasks and struggles. It can be hard to see …

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Why Shop Independent Stores and Brands This Season

 I love to support small independent stores and brands all year round. When the holiday season rolls around – or the main gift-giving season, as I fondly like to call …

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Your career & life whilst managing your hormone health and all the SHIZ that goes with it.

All too often the doctors at the Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing clinic hear stories from women regarding how their career & life has been affected due to their hormone …

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joanne-grobelaar-practical-considerations-if you-have-to-postpone-your-wedding-due-to-Coronavirus3

Practical considerations if you have to postpone your wedding due to Coronavirus

2020 will be THE year when weddings that were planned, maybe years in advance, will get postponed or even cancelled. Our heart goes out to you. Some people will have …

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Develop a resilient mindset during challenging times

The way in which we view adversity and stress strongly affects how we succeed.  After all, we all come from different value systems and backgrounds, so we all have different …

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Change your mind and create the life you want

All too often, we allow our thoughts and feelings to rule our minds, hearts and even our actions.  Our thoughts become our feelings and our feelings become our actions.  So …

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flip the thinking mental resilience

Flip your Thinking for Mental Resilience in Business

Mental resilience is our ability to thrive through adversity and challenges and perform well under stress, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.   Practising mental resilience can be one of the most …

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Blog Post Financial-support-business

Calm & Clarity Over Chaos – Financial Support for Businesses with Yvonne Crank from Alexander Probin

5 ways companies can get government help with their business finances during the Coronavirus pandemic  Small businesses, company directors and the self-employed are facing unprecedented challenges due to the outbreak …

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Calm and Clarity over Chaos – How to survive an anxious mind with Jennie Lovell.

The current Coronavirus pandemic can take an emotional toll on our mental health.  With the rapid spread of the virus dominating the news worldwide and taking over our social media …

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