Money Can be Your Love Story

A 3 part in-person workshop series exploring your relationship with money to unlock your desired financial future

Dear money explorer

That’s right we need to explore that thing we don’t like to talk about - money.

You don’t usually avoid things because you’re very self-aware. You have to be to run a business. So you take part in self-development practices - reading books, listening to podcasts, journaling your thoughts and meditating through yoga.

In actuality, you embody what it means to be an explorer. You’ll bravely step into the unknown with curiosity and determination. That’s how you were bold enough to start your own business, intuitive enough to grow it successfully and tenacious enough to reach your goals.

To everyone else, you seem unshakeable. You look like you’ve got it all together. You dress like a professional and talk like an expert, never bowing to any challenge you face.

That is until it comes to money. You shrink away from it like a scared child, yoyoing between spending whatever you want and overbearing record keeping to stay within a strict budget.

No matter how much we avoid it, money is interwoven in all our lives, even more so in the lives of business owners. It goes deeper than the story our bank accounts tell.

But we haven’t even started to unpeel it because then we have to feel things. Things we don’t want to feel like…




The deeper down we can put those feelings, the better, right?

Well, fear is stopping you from consistently monitoring your finances, so you don’t know where your money is coming from or where it’s going.

Shame stops you from fulfilling your financial potential and creating the life you want.

Humiliation creates so much self-criticism that all money activities feel bad, but still, you can’t keep to the tight budgeting you repeatedly enforce on yourself.

It’s hard to admit because…

Everyone tells you that as a business owner, your earning potential is limitless but right now it feels so limited.

At the end of each month, your expenses always outweigh your income. You’re investing in your business but it doesn’t seem to be creating a return.

You’ve met a glass ceiling for how much you’re earning. The fast growth during your first week of business has levelled out and you’re stuck.

You work hard, investing thousands of pounds and hours in coaching, advertising and networking groups, but when it comes to playing hard you can’t bring yourself to buy a new outfit or go out for dinner to celebrate a new client win.

You feel like you’re stuck in the freelancer/startup chaos instead of building wealth and stability. Financial freedom seems further away than ever and it makes you feel like a failure, so much that it keeps you up at night.

Money is a total nightmare that you wish would stop recurring.

Money Can Be Your Love Story

The truth about money

Is that you’ve been let down. Again and again.

Unconsciously your money story has been written by cultural social norms, familial attitudes and personal experiences starting in childhood that have determined the beliefs you use to interpret every financial situation and make every financial decision.

You’ve never been given the tools to write your money story with intention, with purpose and with self-awareness. No wonder you struggle to talk about money, manage it effectively and take control of your future.

To end the nightmare, you need to fall in love.

Fall in Love with Money

Money isn’t your enemy. Money isn’t the root of all evil. Money isn’t lacking.

Money provides an opportunity to fulfil your goals. Money shows appreciation and gratitude. Money is fun, playful and exciting.

When you nurture your relationship with money, your financial situation flourishes. You can look at your bank account with confidence, even checking in every week to see what’s going on. You can make goals for income and expenditure that excite and inspire you. Even paying your bills starts to feel fun.

Because it goes deeper

Finances are directly related to our self-image and emotional experiences. We end up using money as a vehicle for self-criticism and punishment, blocking the potential to use it to do good and feel good.

I’ve worked with so many brilliant business owners who are standing in their own way. By healing their relationship with money, they unlock a new level of success. Coming face to face with their finances, they can replace old limiting patterns with new empowering ones that take them closer and closer to the money story they’d like to live out.

Would you like to do that too?

With gentle self-discovery, you can develop greater awareness, unlocking your power to determine your financial future which starts with treating yourself with compassion.

I knew I didn’t like looking at my bank account. I was more of a sieve than a bank account! But it wasn’t until I unpacked my money story through the strategies in Money Can Be Your Love Story that I realised how much baggage I had to let go of to break through the mental block I was experiencing. Now looking at my bank account and tracking the ingoings and outgoings is an exciting activity for me. I never thought I’d say that! I’ve moved further towards my financial goals in the following few months than I have in years.

- KT, Chester (Digital Agency)



Introducing Money Can Be Your Love Story

A 3 part in-person workshop series exploring your relationship with money to unlock your desired financial future

Where do you even start rebuilding such an important relationship?

You need a safe space to explore your money story and pick up the pen to write the next chapters according to your wants and desires. Unpeel the layers of emotion and beliefs that determine your money decisions and then rebuild them stronger, empowering you to navigate finances with intention instead of being driven by fear.

The money explorer map

From using journaling to implementing practical habits, our journey of exploration will progress through 3 stages, dedicating a half-day to each.

Money healing -

Explore your money story, starting with the signs your body gives you

What does your body tell you about your relationship with money?

What money emotions do you experience?

How can you use body check-ins to take your power back?

What is your money story?

How are you going to add new chapters to your money story?

Money maps -

Explore your financial future and the journey you’ll take to make it a reality.

How do you define your money vision?

How do you transform budgeting with money maps?

What are the 5 key money areas?

How do you make good money decisions?

How do you handle curveballs?

What do you want your money legacy to be?

Money practices -

Explore healthy money habits that allow you to playfully manage your financial situation.

Why should money be part of your self-care practice?

What is a money date?

How do you use value-based bookkeeping?

How do you add spirituality to your money practices?

What’s included?

The Money Can Be Your Love Story experience is based around 3 half-day in-person workshops where we come together as a group to explore our money stories and learn ways to improve our relationships with money in a safe space.

You will also receive a copy of Bari Tessler’s the Art of Money workbook which we will use as a framework for our exploration.

When you join the waitlist, we will notify you after the dates for the workshops have been confirmed and you’ll be the first to be invited to join us.

I started Money Can Be You Love Story so frustrated with my financial situation. It felt like no matter what I tried, I was stuck in the same place, never growing or scaling. As a business owner who puts everything into serving my clients and creating time and financial freedom, I was really doubting myself. This unlocked something within me. It was like I broke a glass ceiling that had been holding me back.

- CC, Manchester (Healthcare Sector)

About your exploration leader

Say hello to Joanne Grobbelaar!

As a strategic business consultant who helps businesses to grow, I know a thing or two about business finances. Yes, I look at sales and profit margins. But I also know the importance of mindset and feelings. How are you going to grow your business and therefore your own personal wealth if you squirm every time money is brought up?

To fulfil your potential, you need to deal with your relationship with finances head-on. Identify, tear down and rebuild every limiting belief, every destructive pattern and every negative feeling that is stopping you from creating the financial future you want. I trained in Barri Tessler’s Art of Money framework because I could tell how transformative it is.

I’m combining her specialist expertise with my experience in supporting women in business to bring you Money Can Be Your Love Story.


My invitation to you

Calling all female business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed self-creators who appreciate that to reach their financial goals they need to do the work to create a positive relationship with money.

You’re ready to become self-aware of their past experiences, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that prevent you from unlocking financial freedom.

You want to embrace self-compassion to counter the self-criticism that taints many of our perspectives on money.

You want to get excited about every money interaction from paying bills to reviewing your accounts to adding to your savings.

You don’t want to put off working towards your dream financial future any longer.

Budgets don’t work for you, never have and never will (of no fault of your own), and you are ready to try something different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your relationship with money matter that much? Surely investing in something else like ads for your business will be more impactful… Short term yes you’re probably right. But in the long run, without awareness of how you think and feel about financial activities, you’ll struggle. Making more money doesn’t end financial problems. In fact, it can trigger them depending on the beliefs that make up your money story so far. 

This is the foundation for every financial decision you make. It ensures you make decisions with the intention and awareness to be empowered by money, not haunted by it.

This framework doesn’t just heal your relationship with money but also your relationship with yourself. I have a much greater awareness of the thoughts, feelings and experiences driving my decisions and consequently, the life I create for myself. I think money is a blind spot for most people. We’re happy to invest time, effort and money to improve our physical and mental health. What about financial health?

- JS, Manchester (Law Sector)


The investment

I’m not going to BS you with a specific ROI number. Money Can Be Your Love Story works on the principle that financial health means more than what can be reduced into numbers. It goes deeper than that. It’s about your happiness. It’s about your peace. It’s about your power.

The relationship you have with money determines the money you accumulate. If you want to feel comfortable with finances, then join me for 3 in-person half-day workshops priced at:

Investment: £995 +VAT

You might as well click away if…

You’re looking for a money making scheme. This isn’t about making money. It’s about improving your relationship with money to improve all your financial decision making.

You’re not willing to go deep. We need to accept the emotional side of money to be able to improve our practical financial situation. Plus it makes us feel better when we release fear and shame.

You’re resistant to change. Everyone has money baggage i.e. past experiences that have created limiting beliefs about money. We need to release and rebuild to become our happiest and financially stable selves.

You’re not willing to do the work. Unless you engage in the 3 half day sessions and the money practices you learn about, you won’t progress. This is an opportunity to invest in yourself with finances, time and effort.

You don’t want to have fun. Money shouldn’t be boring, frustrating or panic-inducing. It should be playful, exciting and nourishing. Those are the values we inject into every area of finances.

Please remember

Money Can Be Your Love Story is your invitation to heal your relationship with money, find a new (positive) approach to finances and align yourself with your financial aspirations.

While at face value, you’ll be exploring the world of money, money is intrinsically linked with our emotional state, personal experiences and self-image. When you do that deeper work, you experience a holistic transformation, stepping into the person you need to be to achieve your biggest aspirations.

Despite the depth of exploration, our exploration will be gentle, ensuring you always feel safe and are going at your own pace. Money talk can bring up intense emotions, and replacing beliefs is hard work. Nevertheless, it’s work worth doing. Such self-awareness requires self-compassion.

I’m here to guide you on your exploration as you unveil your past, redefine your present and produce your future.

Book a conversation HERE to talk about how we can help.

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