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Female health and menopause expert, Dr Zoe Hodson talks to Joanne about why the menopause has been such a taboo subject, the myths around taking HRT and how testosterone can make a huge difference to our energy levels and libido (without us growing huge beards!)

Dr Zoe has worked as a GP for over 20 years and works with the Menopause Doctor, Dr Louise Newson in a private clinic that specialises in women’s health. Recognising the ‘blind spot’ in medical support for women who are experiencing the myriad symptoms that come along with “the change”, this fascinating and eye-opening podcast dispels the myths around outdated scare stories of HRT increasing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

For a range of easily digestible resources from Newson Health click HERE

For women who are curious to find out more, Dr Zoe recommends this excellent book Oestrogen Matters which looks at why taking hormones in menopause can improve women’s well-being without raising the risk of breast cancer.

Season 2
Season 2
All in Podcast with Joanne Grobbelaar and Dr Zoe Hodson