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In this episode Joanne talks with Kelley Heck about Blackhawks, Speech writing and Rockstar politics

Kelley Heck is a speechwriter and communications strategist with a proven talent for helping her clients decide what they should say and how they should say it.

She has guided many high-level elected officials, corporate leaders, and celebrities in finding their voices on a vast range of topics and her work has been widely spoken and published.

Kelley served as chief messaging strategist and spokesperson for the governor of a large state. Though he entered office following a crisis which had gravely damaged the public’s trust in state officials, her boss completed his term with rock star approval ratings. Kelley delivers results.

Throughout her career, Kelley has worked with international news outlets and has sat before some of the nation’s most respected editorial boards. She has met with world leaders, flown on a Blackhawk, helped to negotiate a major NFL stadium deal, and partied with the cast of The Sopranos, among other adventures.

Kelley is the founder and president of communications consulting firm Heck Public Affairs and a founding partner of Write Your Future college essay coaching. She is an avid hip hop dancer and a mac-n-cheese-making mother of two awesome girls.

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Season One
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