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Dallas-based glass artist, Anna Curnes openly admits that her “PAUSE” moment was a tad messier than she planned. Her transition working as a successful tutor to an artist and then  opening a studio in the heart of the Dallas Design District was filled with self-doubt and discomfort. Being an innate creative meant that she didn’t have the natural skills to run a business, but she was determined to ‘tough it out’ and find the right community to support her. 

In this podcast, Anna gives the inside scoop of her journey not only as an artist, but as an entrepreneur. She talks about mastering new skills, including having self-belief in her work and discovering the art of putting herself out there to get her work noticed. 

Now, as a celebrated glass artist, and known for her bold and empowering glass murals and glass flower sculptures, she is resolved to always making time for her real zone of genius (creating art), and not getting stuck in the weeds of running a business. 

Find out what her top three actions she believes every business owner should take to help them realise their true worth and celebrate their talents.

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Season 3
Season 3
Discovering your true worth with Anna Curnes