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Welcome to the leadership podcast that talks to brilliant businesswomen and enlightened men. I am asking the essential questions of balancing life, growing businesses while staying grounded and all the shiz in-between.

Have you ever been the ‘nice girl’ in business? Saying what you believe to be the ‘official’ way so that you don’t get pushback? 

Like many other female business owners, Mia Scharphie knows what it feels like to be the youngest female in a male dominated world. Taking her rightful seat at the boardroom table to pitch for a game-changing socially impact design project, this was her “STOP” moment. Today, Mia believes you can have it all – but only if you get clear on what you actually want – and not what you think you’re supposed to want. 

Her successful career coaching business ‘Build Yourself’ teaches female creatives about how to kick their inner critique in the butt, find their ‘tough love cheerleader’ and help them create strategies and small repeatable actions that break through the obstacles holding them back so they can build dynamic, powerful and meaningful careers.

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Season 3
Season 3
Kicking the nice girl syndrome in the butt with Mia Scharphie