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What do bold colour combinations, beautiful homes, a keen eye for fashion and a decisive, no-nonsense attitude all have in common?  

Mandy Watkins, of course! 

Taking the brave leap of voluntary redundancy before the birth of her third child, Mandy left a secure, well-paid job to set up her own business that could harness her creative talents. 

Mandy spent many of her younger years being a people pleaser. But today, her confidence, infallible tenacity and authenticity has allowed her to build a life and career she’s always envisioned. 

In this podcast, she describes her “ACT” moment that happened when she went out for dinner with her husband and stumbled across a commercial premises on Right Move. That evening she decided to take on the lease to the shop that is now ‘Space Like This’ which reflects her keen eye for design and her passion for helping people create beautiful homes. 

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Season 3
Season 3
Making bold moves with Mandy Watkins