Stop. Pause. Think. Now Act® Podcast with Joanne Grobbelaar

Welcome to the leadership podcast that talks to brilliant businesswomen and enlightened men. I am asking the essential questions of balancing life, growing businesses while staying grounded and all the shiz in-between.

CEO and Storytelling expert, Mike Ganino, talks to Joanne Grobbelaar about his intentional and life-changing ‘PAUSE’ moment that brought him to being the Storytelling expert and public speaking coach that he is today. Rewriting the narrative of his upbringing, and his unique experience as a CEO of a fast-growing business, his ‘PAUSE’ moment led Ganino to creating a business that he really loves. 

Mike discusses his new program for leaders that allows them to grow their brand through their unique story and share it in a way that brings transformational results.

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Season 3
Season 3
Master and sell your unique story with Mike Ganino