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Welcome to the leadership podcast that talks to brilliant businesswomen and enlightened men. I am asking the essential questions of balancing life, growing businesses while staying grounded and all the shiz in-between.

Business Strategist and Visibility Coach, ChiChi Eruchalu talks about her most memorable STOP and PAUSE moments in her career. 

Working for herself as a Business Strategist, ChiChi began to feel really overwhelmed and was suffocating in the online space that was crowded with other Strategists all competing for similar clients. She was also faced with debt and knew that something had to give. 

In an opportunist moment, and after a self-reflected “PAUSE” moment, she saw a social post about a company she had worked with before who were looking to recruit. 

Today she is their Head of their Digital and Tech programmes and is able to apply her invaluable digital marketing skills, play to her strengths and really add value. 

ChiChi recognises that sometimes you have to make short term sacrifices so that you can have long term freedom in your life. She is intentional about who she hangs out with and who she follows on social media and has a strong accountability partner to keep her moving forward. 

In her own words: “The dots always connect when you’re looking backwards” and this podcast brings home the importance of having that “PAUSE” moment that really turned things around for her.

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Season 3
Season 3
Short term sacrifices for long term freedom with ChiChi Eruchalu