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James Jowsey knows only too well how professional athletes gain their competitive edge. He’s been one and now he coaches them. A former professional footballer, James now runs two successful businesses – James Jowsey Training and RedPill Training, coaching professional athletes to move with more purpose, help them recover from injury and increase performance. In this podcast, James candidly shares how his journey as a professional footballer has shaped his business career, why he’s so passionate about the mechanics of the human body and the importance of a growth mindset as an athlete and now business owner.


As a former professional athlete himself, James knows what’s it like to train and train hard. Always wanting to improve his performance, his injuries got the better of him which halted his athletic career. He transitioned to work as a Personal Trainer where he realised he had the innate ability to understand people’s bodies and movement patterns. He could see why some of his clients could do movements more easily than others and it was all down to muscular programming.

“There are many different factors to consider when I work with an injured athlete”, says James. “The first question I ask is what is their desired outcome? What bought them here in the first place. Athletes are highly driven people who are putting themselves out there in the public eye to compete. Their body is not only their income, but also their career and reputation.”

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James talks about how pain has clear emotional and behavioural consequences. It’s called the “two-week out syndrome” and it’s why two weeks before an athlete is due to compete, they feel every pain under the sun. Yet an athlete’s ability to tolerate pain is essential to the recovery process.

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It’s not hard to see why James is so successful at attracting elite athletes to his programmes.
Using the growth mindset that he only knows too well from his professional athletic career into attracting the clients he really wants to work with into his coaching and recovery programme. Yet despite his vast experience, James admits that he never stops learning. With every client he meets he’s learning new things and applying critical thinking to every situation as a leader and business owner.

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