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Less is almost always better

By Joanne Grobbelaar

Are you carrying some emotional baggage around? Are you keeping some “old stuff” just in case….? Read on for 5 steps to find out more about your “old stuff”, let it …

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Recognise what is also good for your body….

By Joanne Grobbelaar

Mind Gremlins BE GONE!

By Joanne Grobbelaar

Step by step guide to rid yourself of the negative mind gremlins that hold you back in life….. I’m pretty sure many people would agree that spring has been slow …

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The Power of Passion

By Joanne Grobbelaar

Our regular guest blogger is BACK! This weeks Anna Lee talks PASSION….. Losing weight is no easy feat. If you want to succeed, the lifestyle changes you make must be …

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By Joanne Grobbelaar

Feeling STRESSED then try some tapping with Gabrielle Bernstien… THIS STUFF WORKS! I just wanted to share this video by Gabrielle Bernstein about EFT and tapping. I know this type …


Getting it back together 3-2-1 GO!

By Joanne Grobbelaar

Dropped the ball on exercise? YOU can get back up and come back better than ever before. A wise man named Joshua Rosenthal once said “work on your primary foods …

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Get some good Zzzzzzzzzzz

By Joanne Grobbelaar

5 things that happens to your body when you don’t get a good nights rest and a guide on how to get to bed earlier, consistently and sleep more soundly. …

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By Joanne Grobbelaar

Raw chocolate…. Should you or shouldn’t you? And a few cheeky recipes thrown in for you to try I LOVE CHOCOLATE….. Yes it’s true…. And many of my clients are …


I’m on your team!

By Joanne Grobbelaar

I’m on your team. Come be on our team….. Come be on our team and give yourself the chance and opportunity to create a world that you really want to …

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